What Mega Millions have won the most and which have not?

Mega fever is being felt by millions across the United States.

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With the Mega Millions drawing of $1.1 billion, the second highest in the history of this lottery game, people are becoming interested in the information available about the jackpot odds and other details about this game of chance.

One of the topics that intrigue players is The numbers that were winners on most occasions and those that weren’t.

According to USA Mega, Based on 100 Mega Millions from previous graphicsthe most common winning numbers are: 7, 21, 40, 3 and 58. In the case of the mega ball, 24 is the number that has prevailed more than once.

On the other hand, the numbers that entered the winning series on the least occasions are: 23, 50, 54, 67 and 49. As for the mega ball, 7 is the lowest number involved in the drawing.

It should be noted that the choice Picking random numbers by device or “Quick Pick” It does not change the odds of winning the jackpot, 1 in 302 million.

This was confirmed by Stephen Diaz, professor of mathematics in the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University The odds of a person winning $1.1 billion today are the same regardless of whether the player chooses a “Quick Pick” ticket. Or if you choose the numbers individually.

Since all numbers are the same, the chances of winning are almost the same.Diaz said.

What the expert recommended is that you check the patterns of picking numbers, if you are the one picking them, so that you are less likely to split the jackpot if you win them.

“There’s one more thing to consider: You don’t just want to win, Want to be the only winner so you don’t have to split the jackpot. If you select (numbers), unless you are careful, you may fall into certain patterns and choose a number that others will choose. If the computer has a good random number generator, it is less likely to pick the same number as someone else. On the other hand, if you do a study of the numbers people tend to pick, you may be able to make a better choice than a computer. Remember, I’m discussing trying to increase your chances of being the only winner if you win, not increasing your chances of winning.”

Although there were no Mega Millions draw winners on Tuesday, Nine players match the first five numbers to win $1 million each.

Today at 11 pm Eastern timeThe second weekly raffle will be drawn.

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