CADECA reports its commercialization

Casas de Cambio de Cuba (CADECA) has published information on the sale of prepaid cards to residents abroad in freely convertible currency (MLC).

Although the service is not new – it was announced in 2021 – the entity has once again promoted it, stressing that they “want to take care of the personal finances” of those who visit Cuba.

“If you are based abroad and want to take care of your personal finances, CADECA makes it easy for you. In our offices, the sale of prepaid cards in convertible currency is marketed free of charge,” they posted on their corporate Facebook page.

What are MLC Cuba Prepaid Cards? Created with the aim of enabling visitors residing abroad to obtain an online payment instrument in Cuba, in currencies accepted by the Central Bank: Canadian dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs, Japanese yen, Mexican pesos and euros.

Initially, travelers were required to present a foreign passport in order to apply, but it was later clarified that Cuban Americans could purchase them, albeit in a currency other than the US dollar.

MLC de Cuba prepaid cards are valid for the payment of goods and services in the commercial network such as: hotel reservations, excursions, purchases in stores, purchase of airline tickets, car rentals, restaurant and cafeteria services, among others.

Selling MLC Prepaid Cards at CADECA

It can be purchased in amounts of 1000, 500, 200, 100 and 50 in CADECA’s network of offices in cities, airports, hotels and ports.

The use of these cards is exclusive to Cuba and has a validity period of two years.

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Once you have completed your visit to the island, if you still have credit, you will be entitled to compensation in the MLC. You can also take it with you to where you live and use it on your next stay in the country, if you do so within two years of the card’s expiration.

according to KadikaYou also have the option to leave them to a relative for use in Cuba.

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