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The stand will address the issue through sensory and interactive experiences with the aim of providing awareness and sensitization about the impacts of the phenomenon.

The Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Juan Cabandié, inaugurated a new space in Tecnópolis that will seek to give visibility to the problem of the impacts of climate change. The stand will provide visitors with recreational experiences that deepen their knowledge of the subject.

During the inauguration, Cabandié thanked the presence of those who approached the inauguration of the stand and expressed: “With this space in Tecnopolis, which is a place for reflection, culture, state policies, we seek to reflect on the importance of climate change. A problem that we have in the world and that is not alien to our country, for that reason, we have been taking the climate change agenda very seriously to reduce the emissions that generate global warming ”.

In addition, the Minister of the Environment remarked that “in Argentina we have made the decision together with the president to put the climate change agenda at the center of the scene of public policies, of priorities, because there is no planet b”. In this sense, he added: “With this staging we appeal to build environmental awareness. We have to act, generate actions, commit ourselves, so that all of us have greater environmental awareness and begin to realize the things we have to do and demand because the consequences of climate change are irreversible ”.

Meanwhile, the national official referred to the draft of the packaging law that is in the Chamber of Deputies for its treatment in the compound: “The packaging law is a good way to understand the consequences of climate change because we have 5 thousand open dumps throughout the country that are emitters of greenhouse gases. Our policy, intention and governance from the Ministry of the Environment is to eradicate them ”.

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“We have a very clear policy, we are building environmental centers in different parts of the country, we have delivered equipment for the management of their waste to hundreds of municipalities, but we need a packaging law that allows companies to modify their production to stop manufacturing packaging that accumulate in the garbage dumps, that generate great problems, that reach our seas and oceans, pollute ”, remarked Cabandié.

The sector dedicated to climate change has a special effects simulator with 180 ° projection that addresses the causes and consequences in a comprehensive manner with the aim of informing and calling the public for environmental action. In addition, there is an interactive space with updated information on the greenhouse gas inventory.

The multisensory experience, through the simulator, emulates the effects of climate change such as the most frequent floods, the most intense droughts, the most recurrent forest fires and the consequences that these extreme events bring such as migration, loss of food, water shortage, among others. The actions that are carried out to solve them through public policies led by the national government will also be shown.

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