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“Caso Closer” was one of the most watched shows in many Latin American countries , Also known as ‘Doctor Polo’, aired on Telemundo. From there, she was responsible for meeting and deciding on the problems or complaints of people coming to the television set.

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Ana Maria Polo Before he hosted the show “Couples Room”, it was “over time”The case was closed“Through this it became well known in various countries and won the love of thousands of people.

Some features Dr. Polo This gave his unique style of hosting the show, as well as his strong statements and the way he evaluated the participants, giving a personal imprint to the “case closed”.

Currently, he shares a portion of his time with his followers on social networks (Instagram), where he posts photos of his activities or where he goes.

Is Ana Mariah Polo really a lawyer?

Many people wonder that Dr. Polo He studied law to host the “Case Closed” show, but the response was released to the delight of his thousands of followers and fans.

Ana Maria Polo Entered Florida International University, Where he completed his higher studies Political science Getting a bachelor’s degree. As a result of his efforts, he completed his studies and graduated, thereby achieving his professional degree.

But that was not all, and then, determined to continue to grow professionally, he was able to continue his studies and graduate. Law at the University of Miami. He then specializes in family rights and can train his business in the state of Florida.

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Where did you train your profession as a lawyer?

Many years ago, through his show working on television, it would lead him to fame. Ana Maria Polo He worked in Miami (USA) for over 20 years.

Thanks to his studies and his expertise, he was able to attend cases such as custody, adoption, divorce, and paternity, among others related to the family fetus.

This is how his career on television began, when he was initially invited as a lawyer to comment on some of the cases on talk shows such as the Cristina Show and América en vivo.

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