C de Ciencia and PutoMikel, in TED Mindgen Talks Fuengirola

C de Ciencia and PutoMikel, in TED Mindgen Talks FuengirolaHe. She

TED Talk on “Mindgen Talks” Fuengirola They will have two internationally famous ‘YouTubers’ in publishing. We’ll take part or I’ll take partC for scienceThe main portal for scientific publishing in Spanish, andFucking Michael“One of the foremost national promoters of history and archeology.

Third edition of the event It will be held on April 15th at the Peace Palace with free admissionIt will also include nine presentations by young people from Fuengirola.

This was announced by the youth advisor, José Manuel Martín, and the coach, Deborah Barrientos, who reported that the event will start at 12:00 with free admission and will be held in the morning and afternoon.

“It is with great pleasure that we present the third edition of Mindgen Talks, an event that emerged four years ago from the Youth Council, when a group of anxious young people: Hear their own voices on important issuesMartin pointed out.

The consultant highlighted the “extensive internal work” required to launch such an initiative. “We have been working since last year. Around the same time that the second edition finished, in April 2022, we started working on this third edition. That is why we want to encourage the youth of our city, especially the relatives and friends of the speakers, to come to the Peace Palace on April 15 and enjoy this wonderful event.

Free event with a varied programme

Mindgen Talks is a completely free event. From 12:00 in the morning a group of five conversations will beginthen there will be a break to invite all those present to paella, which will also be free, and in the afternoon the second group of talks will take place.

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In addition to the nine Fuengirola speakers who will speak on topics of interest to young people, the event will also feature, as in previous years, the participation of two professional speakers, who in this case will be ‘C de Ciencia’ and ‘Putomikel’, two ‘YouTubers’ known all over the world.

“C de Ciencia” is one of the main Youtube portals dedicated to the dissemination of science in Spanish. She has more than 1.4 million subscribers And their videos, in which they deal with the most fascinating subjects in the universe, from a scientific but also a philosophical perspective, reach millions of views.

Potomicil, for its part, is one of the leading publishers of Spanish-language archeology and history. He has more than 170 thousand subscribers on YouTube and his videos, Always with a good dose of humor and an informal tone that is especially associated with young peopleThey touch on topics as diverse as the Middle Ages, Spanish black legend, the Inquisition or the Baroque, from their own point of view.

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