Build a robot to replace humans in factories

Humanoid robots could soon replace humans in factories.

This robot will replace workers in factories

In the long list of industries that will disappear due to AI, manual and factory workers do not appear. However, another gap has opened up for this type of hard worker A robot capable of replacing humans in factories has been introduced. Thus, on the one hand, as we continue to see how AIs write books or perform other intellectual tasks, it seems that robots are going to take care of manual tasks. Therefore, there is great uncertainty about what role humans will play in the future.

Apollo 1, the first production robot

Apollo 1 was built apptronikA robotics company is trying to gain a foothold in its venture Factories around the world.

In the promotional video they launched to present it, Apptronik workers showed all its functions. High capacity for dexterity, which can handle loads repeatedly and continuously with discrete and rapidly moving fingers.

Therefore, this robot has the following characteristics and is specially designed to perform the typical tasks of an industrial worker, carrying loads and performing repetitive motions:

  • It measures 172 centimeters, so it’s quite tall for what we’re used to in robots these days.
  • The battery lasts about 4 hours for each module. That means the battery is completely replaceable and you can plug in another one if you need to.
  • He weighs 72 kilograms, a healthy weight for his height.
  • It can carry up to 25 kilograms without any problem.

Perhaps the latter is the most problematic point facing this Apollo 1 Replace humans in factories. Any factory worker knows that Heavy weights are lifted With or without the help of machinery. In many cases, to reach the stipulated time, very heavy loads have to be carried, which in the best of circumstances would have to be transported by other means.

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Anyway, this is a first step Observe a robot Able to perform tasks manually. So far we have always been talking about robots and AI It can put an end to repetitive tasks that are not physically dependent. In this case, Apptronik appears Instead it tries.

Additionally, they ensure that the new robot is capable of working in all types of factories. from Production on the production line For warehouses, it can be a perfect partner for working in logistics. However, the difficulty of carrying the weight may play against it, although this is sure to improve in the following versions of the robot.

On the other hand, it seems that there are different versions of the robot Completely stable No legs Production lines.

Apptronik seems to believe it Big companies There is a case of NASA is the space agency. They rely on them and They hope to commercialize Apollo 1 next year. This demonstrates the solid reliability that Apptronik has provided while showcasing its product, which outperforms other multi-purpose robots. Elon Musk.

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