After two weeks of use I really liked the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro is the lightest and most comfortable iPhone I've ever tried

iPhone 15 Pro in natural titanium. Photo by Fran Pesora

I've been testing the iPhone 15 Pro for two weeks now, comparing it to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which has been my main device since it was released last year. Although both are called Pro, there are many differences between them that can make you choose one or the other: Size, camera and battery.

My tests are from someone else's perspective The iPhone 6 Plus uses the largest model since its launch in 2014. This experience has allowed me to further explore the aspects mentioned above as I have noticed them the most. But one of them caught my eye: size difference.

The iPhone 15 Pro is the most comfortable model I've tried

After nearly a decade of using larger iPhones, I no longer find them uncomfortable. Something to get used to The large screen is appreciated for viewing all kinds of content. Larger iPhones (and others too) have a feature called Easily accessibleIt enables Using the iPhone with one hand is more convenient. Sliding keyboard and keyboard on left or right is more convenient.

However, after two weeks of use, I think so The iPhone 15 Pro is the perfect size. It's great for using it with one hand, handling it, reaching everywhere, and writing. But above all: Rarely noticed in the pocket. Also, for the iPhone 15 Pro, this should be taken into account. It is lighter due to titanium alloy Instead of stainless steel.

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The difference in numbers is minimal, but the difference in terms of experience is significant. The iPhone 15 Pro is now the iPhone I take everywhere. After these two weeks of testing, it's hard to wear the Pro Max when going out or going to the gym. However, I still have a hard time deciding Does this compensate for the screen reduction compared to the Pro Max model or not?.

Another very noticeable feature with this size reduction Autonomy. For me, it lasts all day, 100 to 25, with about four hours of screen time, but I know that won't be enough for many users. In my case, this is good enough for me, but I miss that difference in battery life iPhone 15 Pro Max I've never felt that little sinking feeling that doesn't last.

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