Britney Spears video sparks concern again: “It breaks my heart”

Publications Britney Spears They always attract attention in their social networks, and in some cases, cause concern.

That's what happened in his latest video shown on his Instagram profile. Although she can be seen smiling and happy in the sea, her gestures and actions have once again created a stir. Especially after the scandal when they got into a big fight at a hotel in Los Angeles.

Although the artist has been disabling comments for some time so that no one would answer or criticize him, it has become inevitable. Mail It's back on everyone's lips.

One of the people who raised their voice for help was the driver Laura BozoOne can't help but be deeply saddened to see this moment for one of pop's greatest artists.

“It breaks my heart to see how the life of a great artist ended and her family did nothing to help her. (They) profited from her, they exploited her, they robbed her.. Her children and her husband are not even supported. Take care of her,” writes the Peruvian communicator. .

In this case, Britney is shown completely naked, making suggestive gestures derriere. The video puts the situation back on the table for the artist who calls herself Kshila Maria River Red on the social platform.

Separated from husband almost a year ago Sam Askari It was a hard blow in his career, the news followed by other unpleasant situations that drew attention to the artist.

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