Britney Spears is asking the judge to end the “false” defense, forcing her to use contraception against her will.

Britney Spears on Wednesday asked a judge to end the court-appointed defense that has controlled the pop star’s money and affairs since 2008.

The dramatic request at the Los Angeles trial came with his first words in court on a 13-year legal contract for his oversight.

Spears said the court-appointed guardian was “abusive” and condemned his father and others who controlled it.

“I would like to conclude without evaluating this defender,” Spears said in a long, emotional and sometimes defamatory speech over the phone, in which he denounced his legal contract and his father for restricting it too much.

“This defender is doing me a lot more harm than good,” Spears said. “I deserve a life.”

Spears, 39, said she wanted to marry boyfriend Sam Askari and have a baby, but the guard did not allow her to do so. He pointed out in court that he was forcing her to take contraceptives against her will.

“All I want is my own money and for this to end, and for my boyfriend to drive me in his (rude) car,” Spears said.

Britney Spears fans gather in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, before the court hearing on the pop singer’s bodyguard at Stanley Mask Courthouse. (AP Photo / Chris Pisello)

In a written speech that lasted more than 20 minutes, Spears revealed a number of details that were carefully set aside by the court.

When a doctor, representing one of the persons responsible for her bodyguard, told her that the investigation and its transcript should be kept separate so that medical information could not be leaked, Spears confronted her and said her words should be public.

“They have interfered in my life, so I think this should be an open court hearing. They should listen, they should listen to what I have to say,” Spears said.
Spears added that he was forced to take lithium against his will after a rehearsal for a planned residence in Las Vegas in 2019 was halted.

He said all he did was not accept a part of the dance for the shows.

“I didn’t come here to be someone’s slave,” he said. “I can tell you not to do a dance move.”

Spears was interrupted once by a judge and once by a court reporter.

AP / Chris Pisello

About 100 fans of the so-called #FreeBritney movement called “Free Britney Now!” And “Get out of Britney’s life!”

Spears said he felt that none of his previous court appearances had been heard, all of which are confidential.

The judge thanked them for their statements, describing him as “brave” and did not comment.

Other lawyers in the courtroom also said that was not the way to respond to these statements, but acknowledged that they were courageous. Britney’s father, James Spears’ lawyer, asked for a break to talk to his client.

Samuel Ingham III, a court-appointed lawyer for Britney Spears, requested that the pop star speak in court during the April hearing. He said Spears had not officially asked him to file an application to stop the defender.

This protection was established in 2008 when Spears was facing an emotional crisis. Spears said it helped save him from financial damage and kept him a top pop star.

His father and his lawyers have insisted that the artist and his fortune, which exceeded $ 50 million, could be vulnerable to fraud and manipulation, according to court records. Under the law, Spears must show that she is capable of making her own decisions.


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