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The Scams They are already a part of everyday life in different parts of the world. In professional practice, it has become common to find doctors without degrees and teachers teaching subjects without degrees; Law school is no exceptionAnd this time it is Brian Mwenda Ngaki, A 28-year-old man who worked as a lawyer in Kenya and Without a college degree.

In his role in law, Brian has won over 20 cases, representing approximately 26 clients Before the Court of Appeal and the High Court of Kenya. Despite the lack of formal training, he did not fail on either occasion.

This lawyer’s facade crumbled as he tried to complete a plea Practice Agreement at the Law Society of Kenya (Kenya Bar Association, translated into Spanish). He preferred to carry out the procedure under identity so that no one would be suspicious Brian Mwenda Ntwika, A real lawyer, with whom you have a similarity in name, Duplicates your profile data.

Brian Mwenda Ntwika complained to the Kenya Bar Association because of the call and warning situation by the association. Attempted identity theft According to ABC, he confirmed that he had not requested any documents.

A real advocate, following a complaint filed by departmental officials They insisted that Brian Mwenda Ngagi be arrested.

This “fake lawyer” case is very famous and is named after him Real-life Mike Rose, character from ‘Suits’ seriesAlso known as ‘Law of the Bold’, where one of the protagonists is A A valuable lawyer from the cabinet without a professional degree.

Likewise, due to this fraudster’s skill in law, A The Kenyan president has shown interest in his fitness prowessBail was considered for his release.

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