Breitner hits out at Neymar: ‘Thanks Arabia, buy more fake players’

Football Saudi Arabia From this season, it has given a strong blow to the table Many players They chose to leave the European elite Middle East to join Cristiano Ronaldo.

And leave something very surprising Europe to join Al Hilal was Neymarwho left psg Not being able to be a key player, someone they trusted would lead them to glory Champions League.

Who stunned Neymar?

Because of his style of play, everyone knows that. Neymar has many detractors. One of them is a former German player. Paul BreitnerHe was the champion with his team in 1974 and defended the shirt Bayern Munich And Real Madrid.

Breeder Thank you in a way Contradiction want Arabs For taking the Brazilian, nothing was saved from him and described Fake And Department of Drama During the TV show Blickpunk game.

Thank you dear Saudi people, one of the most fake players under the sun in recent years, Mr. To buy Neymar. One of the best actors, but one who only did drama. A pseudo-microbe. We should be grateful that we don’t have to endure any longer.”

Why is ghee not introduced in Arabia?

Despite raising many expectations, Neymar Can’t get to know him yet Al Hilalfrom psg Pull a muscle injury, so you have to wait for your first minutes.

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