Brazil’s top electoral court warned that “criminal” dissenters would be punished

Alexandre de Moraes warned this Thursday that protests against Sunday’s election results and anti-democratic actions “will be fought through the law” (Reuters).

Chairman of the High Election Tribunal (TSE).Alexandre de MoraesHe warned Thursday that protests against Sunday’s election results and anti-democratic actions would be “dealt with by law” and those responsible would be punished, as police scrambled to contain the protests that have disrupted traffic in several cities for four days. Before.

“The elections are over and the second round has ended democratically. The TSE announced the winner and will take office on January 1, 2023. That’s democracy, that’s the alternation of power, that’s a republican state,” De Moraes said during the court’s first session after Sunday’s election. Luis Inacio Lula da Silva He won with 50.9 percent of the vote.

“There is no need to contest the democratic decision with illegal, anti-democratic and criminal movements, which will be fought and punished by law. Democracy has won again in Brazil,” the Supreme Court Magistrate emphasized.

De Moraes has warned that those who do not accept the “criminal” decisions and engage in anti-democratic acts will be “considered criminals”, while the military is asked to intervene and the mobilizations will continue. Regime change for corporations.

Police are trying to quell the demonstrations that have disrupted traffic in several cities for four days (Reuters)
Police are trying to quell the demonstrations that have disrupted traffic in several cities for four days (Reuters)

On the other hand, he also wanted to highlight the speed and efficiency with which the electronic ballot boxes work, pointing out that Bolsonaro’s intention, accusing them of being unreliable, was already confirmed by election officials three hours after the end of voting. Successful appointment.

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Hundreds of followers as Lula da Silva’s victory was confirmed this Sunday Jair Bolsonaro They began blocking access roads to major cities across the country, even in São Paulo with encampments in front of a military headquarters to pray for a coup.

In some places, such as Santa Catalina state, the use of minors as a form of human shields during sieges was condemned and dozens of people could be seen swearing an oath to the flag under the Nazi salute.

Although Bolsonaro on Wednesday asked his followers to lift the blockades, they continued to criticize the Federal Highway Police (PRF), which reports to the central government, accusing it of not being diligent.

On the other hand, Trucker blockades eased in Brazil this Thursday after Bolsonaro’s messageHe asked demonstrators on Wednesday night to respect people’s right to assemble.

Justice Minister Anderson Torres posted on his Twitter profile Thursday morning that there were 158 sanctions and that number was “going down.”

Jair Bolsonaro urges protesters to clear streets

The Federal Highway Police reported that 834 roadblocks have been partially and fully controlled across the country since the protests began last Sunday night, with the number of states affected falling from 15 to 12.

In a video published on his social networks, Bolsonaro claimed the right to “come and go” with the liberation of the highways, thus defending the “legitimacy” of the movement that supports him.

However, Bolsonaro avoided criticizing other protests, such as those at the gates of dozens of barracks across the country on Wednesday, where his supporters called for “military intervention” to prevent Lula from taking office.

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The ruler defended the marches as “part of the democratic game”.

After 44 hours of silence, the truckers’ movement lost momentum after the president conceded defeat on Tuesday and decided to begin the transition process with Lula’s group scheduled for this Thursday.

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