Brazilian Santos organized Pele’s funeral at Vila Belmiro Stadium.

After the last few weeks Medical reports on health Edson Arantes do Nascimento PeleThe football world has been closely following the latest news of what many consider to be the greatest footballer of all time, Various reports suggest that he has been admitted to the hospital and his condition has worsened..

The team he became a legend in, Saints of BrazilIts home is Vila Belmiro Stadium, where it is speculated that workers are already preparing the chamber where ‘O Rey’s remains will rest when he dies.. With a video circulating on social media, You will find a one-of-a-kind coffin with the image of the historic striker carved in silver.

Message from your daughter

This Friday afternoon, Pele’s daughter, Kelly Christina Nascimento, posted a picture on her Instagram account that read the message: “Here we go fighting and hoping. One more night together”. Additionally, Canarinha’s current ’10’ took the opportunity to thank Neymar after being in charge of collecting the trophy for ‘O Rey’ as ‘player in history’. Qatar World Cup 2022.

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In a message to Man from the Santos Quarry, Kelly comments: “The pride you give to us in the Nascimento family and especially to him is meaningless. (Te) It was with great emotion and joy that we saw him take the baton of this beautiful game and take it to the outside world. Thank you for the cup, thank you for the love.”.

Pele’s son is already in the hospital

Another son of ‘Oh Rei’ is already accompanying his sister at the medical center where his father is hospitalized. Precisely Kelly was responsible for uploading a new picture on her social networks where she is seen hugging Edson Solphie Nascimento.with: “arrived”. Some have speculated that Other relatives will come to say goodbye to the historic Edson Arantes do Nascimento.

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