Brazilian judge opens trial against Elon Musk after Supreme Court member asked to resign

Elon Musk asks Judge Alexandre de Moraes to resign after accusing him of blocking X accounts in Brazil (EFE/Zbigniew Meissner)

Brazil's Supreme Federal Court on Sunday ordered the opening of an investigation against the US president Elon MuskOwner of the platform

Inquiries by The alleged offenses were “criminal and willful manipulation” of the platform Magistrate ordered Alexandre de MoraesOne of the members of the Supreme Court and responsible for the process of using social networks to spread false news and attacks on democracy.

In his decision, Moraes said, “X shall refrain from violating any court order already granted, including the reactivation of any profile barred by this Supreme Federal Court.”

Musk This Sunday he demanded the resignation or impeachment of the accused Brazilian judge Due to “censorship” blocking accounts from its site Suspected of spreading false information.

“This judge has blatantly betrayed the Brazilian Constitution and people over and over again. “He needs to resign or be fired,” the head of electric car maker Tesla and space company SpaceX said on the social network he bought in 2022.

The billionaire also promised to release it soon “All the (judicial) demands of Alexandre de Moraes and how these demands violate the law.”

News in development…

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