Jacques says the JCE will begin providing resources to the parties next week

Roman Jacques Lronzo, chairman of the Central Electoral Commission (JCE), said political parties would begin receiving government-sponsored economic concessions next week.

Jacques explained that an agreement had been reached with the Ministry of Finance to address the stalemate over money owed by the parties, and that political organizations receive RD $ 1,260 million, not half of which.

“This week the finance minister sent a telegram to the Directorate General of Budget, which will be able to budget 630 million pesos as budgeted for the first semester, which was half-budgeted for the first six months from Friday. As of next week, we will start with the distribution according to our laws,” CD said. Juvez Lironso said this when he saw an interview with journalist Adolfo Salomon on the Verdates al-Iyer show that airs on my channel 37.

The remaining RD 30 630 million for the second semester, They will be approved by a supplementary budget in August, which is said to be the “solution” they found and that it agreed with the political parties.

The reports came earlier this week, when he told Budget Director Liston Diario that he would contribute one-twelfth of $ 630.2 million every month to the Central Electoral Board (JCE) in installments, which is why the parties and the electoral system do not allocate economic resources to political resources. Do not understand “.

“The reason they don’t deposit a peso is because what the board is telling them is that they are not going to accept an amount that is not established in law,” Dantus said.

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In the assorted budget that appears on the Depression page, RD 30 630,200,000 is provided to political organizations, with the other half appearing as “not applicable”.

The executive initially ordered the distribution of 1,260 million pesos among political parties, although in October last year President Louis Abinader announced that he would propose a 50% reduction in allocations to the National Congress because political parties are not an election this year. UASD) will use it for expansion, but the parties that do it will be politicians and the JCE.

At the end of January, the full session of the JCE sent a letter to the Directorate General of Budget requesting the full release of those resources, to which the government agency replied that it had no “authority” to do so.

Several days later, Jose Ignacio Baliza, the executive minister of the presidential party, said the government would accept the Central Electoral Board’s request to keep funding from political parties free of cuts and that it would not be embroiled in a controversy with them. …

Law on Political Parties, Groups and Movements 33-2018 establishes that 80% of the resources allocated by the executive to be distributed among political parties will be redistributed in equal parts between the parties that last exceeded 5% of the vote. Choice.

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