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This Friday, July 30, 2021 at 4pm in the East America, the date for seasonal changes expires 2021 of M.L.P. It sounds like time Red Sox of Boston (Red Sox) Bring it back Anthony Risso.

The acquisition of Mexican Adrian Gonzalez did not really work Red Sox of Boston (Red Sox), And the fact that the regression is always 20-20, the Red leg As a high school student in the sixth round of the 2007 draft, Boston should never have traded a promising left-handed slugger Rizo.

During his time in organizing Red Sox of Boston (Red Sox), Anthony Risso Won the cancer. He has had a solid career, with 240 home runs, except for one for the Chicago Cubs. It’s time for Rizo to return to his original owner.

The Red Sox (Red Sox) There is a high demand for production from the first base, especially from the left hand hitter. This may be a contract with no strings attached Anthony Risso A free agent at the end of the season 2021 of M.L.P..

The Red leg Bobby Dolbeck, Michael Chavis or Francie Cortero can provide puppies with some young pitchers Anthony Risso. None of those three slackers have ever served in the MLP Red Sox (Red Sox), But a change will help them.

With some information from (Ian Brown).

Picture Clear points.

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