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Mexico City.- Google has been blamed In many cases by users Listen to phone conversations Use this information to personalize search results and ads on the device. This is easily verifiable if you are talking about a specific topic. You can see how relevant ads appear on your mobile In a short time.

Although Google Assistant is a useful tool, sometimes Requiring permissions can compromise your privacy and control. For example, yes Assistant uses the phone’s microphoneYou can listen to your conversations at all times.

How to stop your phone from listening to everything you say?

There are three options you can consider to limit Google’s ability to listen to your conversations. The first option is to disable “Ok Google” voice command. To do this, go to Settings Go to Google and access the search option. Then, tap on Voice, enter Voice Recognition and disable the option “OK Google”.

Another way to avoid it Deletes audio history from your phone, because everything you say is recorded on the device. To do this, go to Google App On your phone, tap the three dots in the top right corner and select “Audio History” option. From there, you can Delete all voice recording history Google has saved that.

Further You can block google microphone. To do this, go to the Settings app on your phone, then the Apps section, and scroll until you find the Google app. Tap on it Select Permissions and disable the microphone. This way, Google won’t be able to access your phone’s microphone, so, Can’t hear your conversations.

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Note that disabling the option “OK Google” You can control Assistant functionality on your phone. however, If your privacy is an important concern to you, this is an option you should seriously consider. Additionally, deleting audio history and blocking Google’s microphone are good options for limiting Google’s ability to access your conversations and personal data.

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