Biss signed an agreement to provide a space for APADEA

The mayor of Rawson, Damián Biss and the reference of the Association of Autistic Parents (APADEA), Mirta Pugh signed an agreement through which the Municipality provides a space so that “those responsible for APADEA can assist children, it is very I am pleased to be able to offer you this space ”, highlighted the municipal coordinator of the Disability area, Rocío Duarte.

After signing the agreement, Pugh indicated that “we have signed this agreement by which the Municipality offers us a space in the area of ​​Disability while we wait to finish our building, we are truly grateful, now we can have a place where we can carry out all the educational action and especially of children already entered into adulthood, a place of containment ”.

The APADEA reference referred to the construction of the institution’s building, noting that “it is in the middle, a push is missing and to be able to complete the first part of the project that we want to expand it, we are managing and we hope to be able to specify it as soon as possible where the professionals they can get to carry out their task “thanking” the predisposition of Mr. Mayor Biss, he has listened to us and has given us an answer by giving us this space. Is an advance”.

For her part, the teacher, APADEA Physical Education Professor, Valeria Rodríguez Ríos stated that “we come from a complicated year with the pandemic, and we have the coupling of not having our own building, it is difficult because although we can carry out activities outdoors, in winter it is much more difficult and having a closed space is different ”.

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Rodríguez Ríos emphasized that “the own building is not a whim, it is to be able to count, that the boys have their place of belonging and although this helps, it is a momentary exit until they have their own building. Above all, it gives us the possibility of being able to inform the common people about how to address this disability, that is elementary ”, he concluded.

Also present at the meeting was the Secretary for Social Development and Family, Lic. Silvana Cendra.

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