Emanol Landeda accused his ex-wife of trying to separate him from his wife

Emanol Landetta revealed that he was experiencing a difficult situation with his ex-wife Maria Julia, who found it difficult to leave Mexico City and live with his three-year-old daughter.

“For more than a year, our daughter’s mother and I decided to separate, the relationship did not work, we were not a good couple, it was not comfortable in my view, me and me. It became the limit for cohabitation because no matter how many extra moments I see, it’s a little impossible for her, ”explained Manuel Landeda’s son.

Emanol Landetta with ex-partner / Mexico agency

Later, the young man said in an interview with the show First hand Her daughter’s mother already has another partner and wants to change her place of residence for this situation.

“Now she has a boyfriend in Sonora, and despite the justifications I received from her at some meetings we were able to talk about this, it represents her interests and set aside the best interests. It’s a woman’s,” Emanol said.

Emanol Landetta / Agency M & # xe9;  Chico

Emanol Landetta / Mexico Company

Concerned about stopping to look at his little girl, Landetta added:

“What I feel, what I experience is that I lose my daughter in life, that’s what I feel. I didn’t see her for 20 days because we spent a vacation and she was with me for 20 days. […] She is 3 years old, she is a little girl, she is very young, Maria does not understand the reasons and closed all the communication channels, if it is not email, how to talk about training issues by email?

Emanol Landetta / Agency M & # xe9;  Chico

Emanol Landetta / Mexico Company

It was his tension that caused him to be notified of the change of residence, the actor explained: “He said I was no longer going to live in Mexico City, where we have contact with our daughter. […]”.

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Finally, Emanol highlighted: “I don’t even have a millionaire to constantly pay for air tickets, I have to work too, I break my face in progress, and I see my daughter, I am a current father, I am a father who wants to be a part of his daughter’s memories and I What I’m feeling from our daughter’s mother is that she does not take into account the fact that she has a father, he is a happy mother and daughter, and there is a father. “

Former Partner / Agency M & # xe9;  Emanol Landetta with Chico

Emanol Landetta with ex-partner / Mexico agency

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