Bishop recognizes that the Diocese does not have space to expand the capacity of attention to migrants

Monsignor Gerardo de Jesús Rojas López, acknowledged that the Diocese of Tabasco no longer has spaces to expand the service capacity of migrants.

Asked about the high demand for accommodation in The 72 Casa del Migrante in Tenosique, and if there is a possibility of expanding the spaces, the Bishop of Tabasco He said that an effort has been made to provide shelter and food for “the Central American brothers” in their passage through Tabasco.

He emphasized that “The 72“It is financially supported by the church with the help of benefactors, however he clarified that it is a collaboration that is done, since it is not his responsibility to provide that type of help.

The 72 is from the Catholic Church, how does the church help migrants? Well through The 72, far as I know the 72 It is not from any other institution, it is from the Catholic Church, so how does it help, with The 72 and if the church has to be made available to migrants It will be necessary to see, we have a difficulty, there are places, colonies, subdivisions where we have not been able to get land for the temple, for example in Villas del Cielo, where the priest must celebrate in a parking lot because there was no longer space for Jesus, also in other subdivisions that are close because there is no place … then if it is possible that we have shelter to migrants There is not because we do not have it in some colonies, especially in subdivisions, “he said.

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