Astorga’s youngest astronomer opens Science Week

On Saturday, the Golon Theater Conference and Exhibition Hall hosted a workshop for children, divided into three sessions, to create a globe. This workshop kicks off the activities concluded by the science publishing group “CienciAstorga” on the occasion of Science Week.

The globe, made by the little ones this Saturday, is a representation of the celestial sphere in two dimensions, on a scale, which reproduces a star chart in the form of two adjustable discs rotating on a common axis. It can be set to show visible stars at any time. It is used to help identify the stars and constellations.

Astorgan Marisa Alonso Núñez guides youngsters through the universe, stars, and planets to explain what a celestial globe is and what they can discover in the celestial vault thanks to the planets.

As of Monday, November 14, there have been five talks during the week. Astorgan Pharmacist and Scientist Marisa Alonso Nunez will open the program with a talk entitled “Physics and Music: The Organ”. It will be held at 20 o’clock in the municipal library hall.

Throughout the days of Archeology, the life of capercaillie, wildfires and robots for the real world will be the topics that will be discussed in the various talks that will be held in Astorga on the occasion of the celebration of Science Week.


Workshop to create a celestial globe in Science Week. / Union Carbide Corporation

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