Biden administration warns Putin about Russian hackers following Miami attack

The Biden government is asking Russia to help prevent “hackers” from leaving the country.

Photo: Brendan Smylovsky / AFP / Getty Images

Government of the President Joe Biden Issued a warning to the Russian president Vladimir Putin Regarding the action against “hackers” operating in the United States.

He was a spokesman for the White House. Jen Saki, The sender of the message insists on it again A “reminder” of what President Biden did to his Russian opponent When they met in Geneva.

“I will only reiterate one message … As the President made clear when they met with President Putin: If the Russian government fails or cannot take action against criminal actors residing in the Russian government, we will take action, or we have the right to act on our own.“One of the top members of our National Security Council has been in contact with top Russian officials,” he said.

The warning follows reports that the FBI is investigating one of the world’s largest ransomware attacks Russia-based cybercriminal group Revel demands $ 70 million ransom from Miami-based software company Kasaya Last Friday.

The attack affected several customers, including the Swedish supermarket chain Coop, which closed most of its 800 stores for two days.

Federal officials are cautious, After similar attacks on the colonial pipeline and JPS (Meat processor), but the Department of Homeland Security noted it This type of aggression is becoming more and more common.

However, a spokesman said the intelligence community had not yet blamed the cyber-attack, although media outlets such as CBS News reported that the attack was a “revolt”.

“The cybersecurity community acknowledges that it operates with subsidiaries around the world outside of Russia, but in our conversations, we are in direct contact and we continue to make that message clear,” he said, calling for Putin’s government action.

Although hackers initially asked for $ 70 million, according to Reuters, that number dropped to $ 50 million, but the White House did not support the policy of paying attackers.

Our ransomware policy has been in place for months, which means we do not advise companies to pay for ransomware lawsuits because it encourages bad actors to repeat this behavior.Said Sackie.

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