Bicycle path is authorized as an outdoor meeting space in Bogotá

The mayor announced that it will be available for recreation and meeting. Bicycle path is authorized as an outdoor meeting space in Bogotá. Bogotá remains on a general red alert, he said.

Due to the increase in infections in the third peak of the pandemic, the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, made a call not to meet in closed places or make crowds.

It should be noted that this increase in infections has occurred in recent days, and it is expected that these days of demonstration by the National Strike will lengthen the peak moment that the country and the city are going through.

The president was concerned about the increase in positive tests for Covid-19 in this third peak. He spoke that “this peak is going to be long and very risky.” In addition, he called for businesses and families not to have meetings in closed places or crowds in commercial places.

Bicycle path is authorized as an outdoor meeting space in Bogotá

Through his Twitter account, López reiterated the call to continue to comply with biosafety measures and not to crowd together to avoid contagion.

In this sense, the mayor made the announcement that the bicycle lanes will be authorized as a space to share and meet outdoors. In addition, he stressed the difficult days that the country and the capital city have been going through.

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“They have been very difficult days for everyone, of great tension. We authorize the bicycle lane as a recreational space, for the promotion of sports and mental health, so that it is a meeting place with the family, so that we can walk in the open air. ”López wrote on his Twitter account.

In this sense, Bogota citizens will be able to go out and have a little time outdoors on the city’s bike path that will be enabled for that purpose.

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