Estephania Choto: “I am confident that I will do a better job”

Ours is going there!

With eight suitcases, the illusion in her face and the commitment to give her the best, Estefania Choto, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020, traveled to Miami, Florida today, where the international beauty pageant will take place on May 16th.

“The heart is sure that I have already given everything I need, so enjoy it now,” he said in an interview today Announcer at dawn (WapaTV), a few hours before departure at 10:45 p.m.

On the way to Louis Munoz Maran Airport, she was accompanied by a caravan that took her to a meeting of global beauty. The flags of Puerto Rico waved as he passed.

As a result of the limitations caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, designer Javier Vasallo’s dressed sovereign stepped aside from the massive farewell of the people to express his best wishes. However, the enthusiasm and desire to bring in the sixth crown did not detract from the queen of the natural beauty of the Caucasus, who was surrounded by her parents and the rights group.

“It will be a short experience. It will only be ten days. I have to enjoy it to the fullest. Sometimes it is a challenge because so many things happen in that environment, so much pressure, that’s why the challenge is now, I just gave up doing that,” he said in the morning. Said during an interview on the news.

Denise Quinones, director of the local competition, spoke about how ready the Sovereign is to shine on the night of the competition.

“She’s ready, she feels that confidence in the work she and the whole team have already done. Now is the time to go to enjoy this moment,” he said as he intervened on Canal Grounds to say goodbye to the whole rhythm.

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“She’s an extraordinary woman by all means, to see the change that began with us a few months ago, to see her evolution over the past year, she always feels very comfortable in different aspects and areas of hers. She looked at her flower, her eyes look like she is now, it really makes my hair stand up. I’m so proud of her ”.

On the way to the airport, Choto admitted that he felt ready for a high performance during the competition.

“I feel something deep inside me. I’m going to do a great job. I have great faith if God wants to bring that sixth crown. I have no doubt that I have everything you need and everything you are looking for,” the beauty queen said through tears of emotion.

Despite warnings that the public would not be allowed on departure from the airport due to restrictions and security measures in place due to the outbreak, some followers appeared on campus to express their admiration and greetings.

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