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Bicarbonate trick to eliminate cockroaches.

Simple and cheap way.

Cockroaches are one of the insects that top the “unwanted” list. Although cockroaches have a good standing on Earth and play an important role in nature, some cockroaches carry dozens of types of bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella, that can make people sick. This means that other than being obnoxious, they should not be in our homes. Here we will detail a simple and cheap method: eliminate cockroaches with baking soda.

Does baking soda kill cockroaches? Yes, but you have to be very careful when doing this because it may not work at all. Cockroaches are survival experts, so if you don’t use this ingredient properly, it won’t do you any good, and I’m serious. In order for cockroaches to die, they must ingest the bicarbonate that will end up expanding in their intestines. Let’s explore more to find out how it works and how we can get cockroaches to ingest this product.

Cockroaches don’t mind eating baking soda, and they don’t like the taste or smell of baking soda. Just spraying this neat product on infested areas would be a waste of time. What you should do is set a trap for them, in this case, lure them with something they like. Cockroaches love to feed on starchy and sweet foods.

A simple way is to mix baking soda with sugar. Mixing equal parts of baking soda and sugar works wonders for killing cockroaches. While sugar attracts, baking soda kills these insects. These are the steps you should follow, According to the APB:

  • Take one part powdered sugar and one part fresh baking soda in a bowl. For example: two teaspoons of sugar and two teaspoons of baking soda.
  • Mix them well in a bowl.
  • Spray carefully in the cockroach infested area, especially in corners and crevices, under furniture, behind curtains, and inside cabinets. Try to choose strategic places.
  • Wait a few days before you start seeing results.
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Note that the flick must be done carefully so as not to separate the mixture. The idea is that cockroaches eat baking soda. Another recommendation is to use fresh baking soda (about the new), as the old method may have lost its effectiveness.

Why does baking soda kill cockroaches?

According to the region of KaruachCockroaches die after eating baking soda because it makes them explode. Even if it wasn’t a bloody explosion, it would crush his internal organs and break his external structure.

“If crickets eat baking soda, this reaction takes place inside their bodies that are lined with an exoskeleton. Cockroaches don’t have a skeleton surrounded by meat and tissue. So they can’t expand and expand when they need to.”

The exoskeleton protects cockroaches well from external physical and chemical factors. But in this case the damage will be from the inside, which means that they will not be able to escape.

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