Between transparent fishnet and lingerie, Yanette Garcia reveals a lot in a sensual photo

Janet Garcia.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

Yanet Garcia She once defied Instagram censorship after posting one of her sexiest pictures to date. The well-known “weather girl” raised the temperature on the digital platform when she shared a photo of herself in underwear. The dress was netted with feathers at the waist and the transparency on the top revealed more.

“Love Your Destiny”, also released by the TV presenter.

Yanet’s fans were quick to respond and post their comments before the hot photo.

“You are a beauty and a charmer,” one fan wrote. “You are so beautiful I love you Yannet Garcia”, posted one follower in English. “Enjoy every moment of your life and live it to the fullest,” suggested one fan. Another fan added: “You are the most beautiful sexy brunette.” “I love how you mother my kids,” said another follower. “You’re my fantasy BB,” said another fan. “I love how you look in black,” read comments.

Earlier in the day, Yannett made us sigh with other sensual pictures she shared on her Instagram. Appearing in profile in a red bra and drawing attention to her rear, it was much commented on by her fans.

Yanette celebrated diversity in rainbow colored threads and neon green bikini bottoms.

Another photo shared shows Yanet without a bra and inside her bathtub. That kind of sensuality stood out again with soapy, wet hair.

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