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Lorna Zepeda will be remembered for her iconic role in the immortal Delanovela ‘Yo Soya Box, La Fei’ film ‘La Belidesida’.

The iconic phrase “Six Semester Finance in San Marino” makes him one of the most memorable characters in Colombian Telanovela Dirty bundle, So much so that now Lorna Zepeta has appeared in an episode ‘MasterKef Celebrity ‘ Wearing a T-shirt, he recalled his role as Patricia Fernandez.

Before what happened, many fans threw away memories of their beginnings, especially how they were Templates To be with the comic character Belidesida.

In a project for ‘Pravasimo’ She recalled her work in the soap opera, where she won the Best Supporting Actress award. “That character was fantastic,” he insisted. This character, thanks to its writer and director, in addition to school and acting productions Templates For Colombian production.

According to the Argentina portal Infopa, Which was in the ‘La Movida’ project R.C.N. Sepeda released the audition details and thought that the actress herself was not chosen by the recruiters because it was a very quick test and with some comments about it. However, the response was positive.

“That Templates From Belidesida It was firm because I was inside R.C.N. Ten o’clock in the morning until nine o’clock at night. I waited, I waited, nothing happened to me, until they finally passed me, ”he commented. In addition, when he throws his hair in the faces of others, revealing that his inspiration came from a friend, he recalled one of his character’s most eye-catching gestures. “I had a friend named Patricia, and every time someone fell for her, they would pull her hair.”

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The next morning a call came in to confirm he had the paper. (E)

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