Best Tricks for Samsung Galaxy A55

In this guide I will tell you what are some of the hidden settings of the Samsung Galaxy A55 and some of the functions that will help you get the most out of this device.

Samsung Galaxy A55 during Andro4all testing

Already got your new Samsung Galaxy A55? So of course you should Get the most out of it. In this guide I will tell you some tricks that will allow you to fully customize your device and make the most of its capabilities. Read on to find out Best Tricks for Samsung A55 You should try it now. You can't miss this one!

Turn on notification history

OneUI notification history is available on your Galaxy A55. This function allows you to view all the alerts you receive. This is a great way to read WhatsApp messages without the other user knowing.

Here's how you can implement this:

  1. Enter mobile settings.
  2. Go to section Notifications And access it.
  3. Then, enter Advanced settings.
  4. press on Notification history.
  5. On the next screen enable history.

From this point on, you can return to this section as many times as necessary to review the history of alerts you have received on your Samsung.

Hide any app to improve your privacy

Another useful function you can find on your Samsung Galaxy A55 is to hide apps in OneUI. So, you can Increase privacy Prevent others from knowing the services you access on your device and from your mobile.

Best Tricks for Samsung Galaxy A55

Steps to hide an app on Samsung Galaxy A55

To take advantage of it, it's easy to follow these steps:

  1. Go to device settings.
  2. Tap Start screen.
  3. Find the option Hide apps on Home and Apps screens. Tap it to enter.
  4. From the list, select the apps you want to hide. You can select Multiple at once to hide several at once.
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After selecting, press done to confirm. Apps you bookmarked will no longer be available in the app drawer and will also be removed from the home screen. However, keep in mind that they will still take up space on your phone. To change this setting, return to the Related Settings section and uncheck the apps you want to restore.

Enable dual messaging feature

Did you know that you can have two instances of WhatsApp or Telegram on your Samsung phone? This way, from the Galaxy A55, you can access Two different accounts At the same time, maintaining an independent space for each.

Best Tricks for Samsung Galaxy A55

This is how you copy a messaging app

function is called Double messagingand is structured as:

  1. Enter OneUI settings.
  2. press on Improved features. This option is in between Google And Digital health.
  3. Find the entrance Double messaging.
  4. Copy the applications you want.
  5. Follow the on-screen steps to complete the operation.
  6. Then, return to the home screen.
  7. Tap the duplicate app icon and use it to sign in to the second account.

Enable battery protection

If you want to take care of your Samsung Galaxy A55 Take maximum care of the batteryActivating the function is highly recommended Battery protection. These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Enter settings.
  2. Go inside Battery.
  3. Accept it Battery protection.
  4. Select the mode you want.

If you select the mode is acceptableThis process can be adapted to your use of the phone and the phone will be responsible for intelligently managing the charge.

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Remove objects from a photo from the gallery

Samsung Gallery has a thousand and one tricks. Undoubtedly, the most interesting one that allows you to remove objects from an image without installing any additional tools. How it works:

  1. Look at the photo in question.
  2. Click the edit button represented by a brush icon.
  3. Click the four circles icon to see more options.
  4. Please choose Object Destroyer.
  5. Click on the item you want to delete and confirm with the button destroy.

Now, the selected targets will be deleted intelligently by Samsung Gallery.

Get more from Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet is Galaxy's own browser. The best thing is that it's now available for the brand's computers, so the experience is now more complete. If I'm honest, every time I have a Samsung in my hands, I end up installing this browser. It's really good.

Best Tricks for Samsung Galaxy A55

Samsung Internet is full of options that you should know about

Once you have it installed, I recommend you review the best tricks for Samsung Internet that I told you in the same post. You'll learn how to sync bookmarks with your favorite desktop browser, enable a video assistant, or set a password for incognito mode.

Sync your phone with Windows

This is already one of the tricks of the Galaxy A54 (and many of them will help you on your new device). The point is that the integration between Galaxy and Windows hasn't stopped improving over the years. This is a remarkable collaboration between Samsung and Microsoft that has enormous benefits for users.

Best Tricks for Samsung Galaxy A55

Windows and OneUI work better and better together

There is only one thing you need to do Settings > Connected devices And follow the on-screen instructions to connect the two devices. to complete the process You must have a Microsoft account. When you're done syncing, you can respond to notifications from your phone on your computer or view your phone's screen on your computer.

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Customize ringtone in OneUI

There are many ways to customize OneUI. One thing I highly recommend is changing the call background to a full screen image when someone calls you.

Best Tricks for Samsung Galaxy A55

Changing the ringtone of your Galaxy A55 is a way to give your calls a unique touch

These are the steps you need to follow to achieve this:

  1. Open the Settings menu in the app Telephone.
  2. Once there, select the option Call Wallpaper.
  3. Then press the button Background It will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  4. This will take you to the fund selector where you can select the one you like the most.
  5. Press the button More (+) Add a picture from your gallery.
  6. Once the image is selected, you will see a preview.
  7. If the result convinces you, press on Use as ringtone To use the change.

In addition to images, you can select videos from your gallery, in which you have to select a specific part.

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