Benzema doubled Real Madrid’s victory over Elsewhere and stuck with the Spanish league – Tees

With a double from Frenchman Karim Benzema (73 and 90 + 1), Real Madrid came back 2-1 against Else (17th) to add three points, allowing the white team to stay in the fight for the league title this Saturday, the 27th.

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Alicante advanced with a goal from Danny Calvo after a corner kick (61) on the scoreboard during the game.

A defeat would have made Real Madrid say goodbye to their title options in practice, but Benzema seemed to turn the score around.

The French striker (four from captain Lionel Messi), who already has 15 goals in the championship, was tied for a header in another corner (73) and at the discount (90 + 1) he scored second with a left-handed volley to get the pass, with Brazilian Rodrigo’s chest.

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With this victory, Real Madrid are in second place with 57 points, five behind Atletico de Madrid, which will close in the derby against Getafe on Saturday.

Zinedine Zidane’s team is temporarily ahead of Barcelona (56 points), beating Husca on Monday.

Not only did it allow him to stay alive in La Liga, but the victory reflects the infusion of Real Madrid’s confidence ahead of the second leg of the Champions League round 16 against Atlanta on Tuesday, when the white team reached a 1-0 win over Pergamon.

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In the other match played so far on Saturday, Alavis (18th) drew 1-1 with Cadiz (13th) and missed a crucial home win.

Too much:

94 ‘Finished: Real Madrid thanks Karim Benzema for all three points, the Frenchman doubled and conceded just three points to the team.

91 & # 39; Real

84 ‘ Elch wants to close the game, Real Madrid wanting to reach a draw.

77 ‘ Almost! Tests from outside the Casimiro area and doing nothing to make his shot a better target, Real Madrid are constantly trying.

Koohoohoo, 72 ‘from Real Madrid, scored after Benzema’s Luca Modric’s excellent cross. We are 1-1.

70 ‘ Real Madrid focus on attack looking for balance.

62 ‘ Three changes in Madrid: Ramos, Valverde and Isco leave and Cruz, Rodrigo and Modric enter.

60 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Elsewhere, predicts the arrival of Danny Calvo after a brutal header from kicking a corner.

54 ‘ Sergio Ramos asks for a fine, they called him a vicious attack. Marcon clearly grabs the captain’s hand. Neither the arbitrator nor the VIRO gave it.

50 ‘ Real Madrid send Motric, Cruz and Rodrigo hot. Zidane has to gain from experience because the game is complex.

Let’s go with the second half on Di Stefano!

45 + 2 ‘Real Madrid are going to rest in a draw with Elche and are losing important points in the Spanish league.

Real Madrid didn’t do much in the first half and Zidane had to find a solution to the problems Else was creating.

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38 ‘ Cர்டrdoba saved Madrid, Morende made a great play, but Belgium saved the first place of arrival.

33 ‘ Benzema failed! The best counter, directed by Vinicius, who went to the right, passed for the French in Brazil, who missed Edgar Patia.

32 ‘ We live in a weak game at Di Stefano and Zidane’s team needs to improve a lot if they want three points.

25 ‘ Elsie has his minutes with the ball, Real Madrid is very embarrassed.

21 ‘ Benzema has touched the ball several times, but for now his game is useless to Real Madrid in attack.

15 ‘ There were no instances of real danger in the game.

9 ‘ For now the Elche little, pink-clad team is resisting Real Madrid’s attacks.

4 ‘ Real Madrid need victory to put pressure on Atletico and Barcelona.

2 ‘ First Minutes For Real Madrid, the white team now dominates aspects of the game.

The game begins in Di Stefano!


Elch: Edgar Patia; Barragon, Verde, Calvo, Mojica; Morant, Raul Kutty, Marcona, Fidel; Boy and Carrillo.

Real Madrid: Cordois, Nacho, Warren, Sergio Ramos, Mendi; Cosmiro, Valverde, Isco; Lucas, Benzema and Vinicius.

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