Amarant Barrett: “Agreements to modernize PLT explode”

Carlos Amarante Barrett, leader of the Dominican Liberation Party, understands that the organization has already begun campaigning for the 2024 candidacy three years ago.

He said the agreements to modernize and strengthen the party would “jump in the air”, which is driven by private interests, which he says are above the general agreements.

The former PLD presidential candidate and former education minister in the last election mentioned the matter in a message on his Twitter account, where he said they could not wait until six months to start campaigning.

“He started campaigning for the presidency on LPLDenlinea almost three years later. Congress agreements will explode to modernize and strengthen the party. Personal interests rather than the public interest. They did not wait 6 months, so the party begins!”

Last Sunday, the PLD elected new members of the political committee, raising the membership of the internal body from 35 to 45, ensuring that the party seeks renewal to allow for new party ideas to be allowed. They returned to power in 2024.

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