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Fight on social websites between And this It will never stop leaving sequels. The revelation of the Mexican regional music singer – who confirmed that his ex – girlfriend’s mother has dedicated herself to making the most of her daughter’s fame – made the personal story of Belinda Schulz and Ignacio Peregrin visible to the world of entertainment. , The actress’ parents from “Backup Partners”; Thus the question of what parents Has jumped forward.

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Position On Instagram, he notes that “the world is full of people who want to collect fruit from trees they have not planted or maintained,” which reached the eyes and ears of the translator, who released his controversial post. On Twitter.

“For 20 years she has been reaping the benefits of her daughter and leaving her with nothing. Leave me alone, I am healed. I don’t bother them, I don’t ask for my credits in songs or in life. Everything that happens beautiful deserves it, and it costs me too. When you get tired of giving, it’s all over “, He tweeted. The first sentence establishes more than one question, and if it is true, her mother, and therefore her father, has dedicated herself to exploiting her daughter’s reputation, how they live, Belinda Schulz and Ignacio Peregrin.

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So the singer responded to Belinda’s mother (Photo: Christian Nodal / Twitter)

What do Belinda’s parents do?

Belinda’s parents have been involved in a variety of activities throughout their lives, but the couple’s main producer is the producer, which they created as a result of their daughter’s success, which, as far as is known, went very well for them.

Ignacio Peregrín was a physician by profession, who devoted himself not only to medical training but also to doing business with it: he devoted himself to the sale of medical goods, in which he did no harm. He was viewed with suspicion by his own father and maternal family as his contacts were said to be unknown.

For her part, Belinda Schulz was unaware of her work before her daughter entered the art world, but it is known that she was the lead promoter and manager of the singer “El Bale del Sapido”. She has accompanied her to every audition, presentation and concert she has conducted.

As a result of these experiences and Belinda’s achievements, both parents decided to create a production company called Joy Music Entertainment, which reflects not only their daughter’s professional logistics, but also other artistic talents.

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What did Christian Nodal say after revealing Belinda’s chat?

In response to a tweet from Belinda’s mother – in which she said she’s dedicated herself to using her daughter’s success – Christian Nodal linked to a WhatsApp conversation with Belinda when they were a couple, in which the singer asks. For the money to go to the dentist. That screenshot also caused great controversy.

In another tweet, Nodal explained the reasons that led to the posting of that image. “It’s not about the money, it’s about what they’re constantly trying to affect. Even success does not leave me lonely. What’s missing is the motivation they gave me, so I can finally decide what to do.Before taking action, the singer revealed that he was in contact with Belinda: “Yes, I called him several times. I wrote to him and nothing changed.He wrote elsewhere in this tweet.

When Everything Between Belinda And Christian Nodal Was Happy (Photo: Gropo Expansion)
When Everything Between Belinda And Christian Nodal Was Happy (Photo: Gropo Expansion)

Who is Belinda Skull?

Belinda Schulz She is of French and Spanish descent and is the daughter of a renowned French bullfighter. Bear Schulz And Juana Moreno. When Belinda’s maternal grandfather He retired from the world of bullfighting, he married Juan Juana Moreno of Spain, and their first daughter was born. Belinda Schulz-Moreno1964 in France.

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