Belinda and Christian Nodal were found hugging in the United States

After many rumors about the alleged separation between Belinda Y. Christian Nodal They fell in love so much United States, Despite the “rumors” it shows that their love is still there.

Although the couple has not released any statement on the alleged divorce, it is rumored Belly Y Nodal They got married Spain, The birthplace of the beautiful blonde and they get married in church in December Mexico.

This is the meeting

According to the journalist’s Instagram page Chamonic The couple was caught in Laredo at Texas International Airport, although the lovers’ faces did not look good, they Tattoos On hand Nodal They found out.

And it should be noted Christian Nodal He will perform in the next few days Las Vegas So the couple may have been there to go to Sin City.

Did they get married?

Rumors are coming in more than that Belinda Y. Christian Nodal Yes they have been married in the past August 28 Just as it was said to happen, a few days ago both singers stopped following each other on their social networks, and the translatorIn the kisses I gave you “ He removed all evidence of his love and engagement with Belinda from his Instagram account.

But a few days ago and after many rumors, Belinda It was caught by her promoter during a celebration and in that photo the beautiful singer appears to be holding a bread donut, but what caught our attention were the rings the singer was wearing.

That’s it Belinda, His big and expensive Engagement ring, The three gold rings following it will be the wedding ring, so the rumors about his wedding are even stronger.

Photo: Screenshot

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