Before Leopoldo Lopez and Mario Vargas Losa, Keiko Fujimori pledged to defend democracy in Peru

Keiko Fujimori during the weekend debate (Photo: Reuters)

Presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori Defending democracy and, again, He apologized for the mistakes his party had made, An active leader of the Venezuelan opposition Leopoldo Lopez and writer Mario Vargas Losa in the distance.

Six days before the second presidential round in Peru, Fujimori signed, in the southern Andean city of Arequipa, his “Promise of Peru“With the intention of dispelling the suspicions of voters who oppose supporting him and confronting his rival’s chances of winning. Point Pedro Castillo, Who, represents, “Communism”.

This is one of the most important elections, because on the same day that we celebrate the twentieth year of independence, there is a danger that communism will come to power and try to establish itself in it.”, Fujimori said.

Ferza celebrity Peru Keiko Fujimori's presidential candidate (Photo: EFE)
Ferza celebrity Peru Keiko Fujimori’s presidential candidate (Photo: EFE)

A day later The last public debate before Castillo, Fujimori pledges to protect democracy from five years of his imaginary governmentEveryone has the right to freedom of movement and expression;

Similarly, Fursa promised that the popular candidate would be respected Freedom of expression, The press can report, comment and oversee without restrictions, strengthen the political constitution, and Fight corruption so that “no one will be punished” if he betrays his trust in his government.

The former legislator admitted that neither he nor his party had risen to the occasion in recent times. Indicates the political crisis that led to the closure of Congress in 2018, And apologized to “everyone who was disappointed by us”.

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File photo of Mario Vargas Losa (Photo: Reuters)
File photo of Mario Vargas Losa (Photo: Reuters)

In addition, Fujimori said thank you Public support for award-winning author Mario Vargas Losa, “After 30 years of distance and many differences”, because he was one of the first persons of international purpose to show his support and ask for votes for his candidacy.

In a message recorded on video, he explained that the Nobel Prize for Literature was the reason he supported Fujimori. “If we elect Pointe Castillo, there will be no more free elections in the history of Peru.”

“Castillo, and the party leader (Vladimir) Seron and many of those elected to parliament have declared that they are truly more than revolutionary citizens and that they will no longer relinquish that power. That is, they will establish an organization that will be in control of future elections, ”said Vargas Losa.

The author added “In other words, it is the establishment of a socialist or communist organization to be added to Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. These comrades do not seem to have discovered that there is no communism, it is simply the work of failed countries like Cuba and Venezuela. ”

Vargas Losa reiterated: “I do not want my country to be Venezuela, where five million people have fled in search of work, and there is no famine.”

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez (Photo: EFE / Carlos Ortega)
Venezuelan Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez (Photo: EFE / Carlos Ortega)

For his part, Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez was one of the guests at the event, where he described his country as currently “poorest in Latin America below Haiti”. “The Greatest Immigration Crisis in the History of the American Continent.”

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He recalled the process in 1999 “Undermine democracy” In Venezuela with the proposal of the late former president Hugo Chavez changed the constitution, but at the same time removed all those responsible for democratic institutions.

Then, in 2014, “the second channel of economic prosperity was created”, with rising oil prices, but now, “There is no political canal current or economy in Venezuela”, But a dictatorship is in power.

Lopez, who arrived in Peru on Sunday with his wife, Lillian Tindori, hoped that the Peruvians would be able to resolve their social demands in a democracy after pointing out the political repression in his country and the years he spent in prison for expressing opposition.

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