Bad Bunny’s ex-girlfriend is suing him for $40 million

Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Martinez Ocasio

An ex-girlfriend Bad Bunny sued the Puerto Rican superstar 40 million dollars By a A well-known vocal recording given to the singer before he became famous.

CARLIS DE LA CRUZ HERNANDEZ, The sensual recording of “Bad Bunny, Baby” is included in two of the artist’s songs, and a lawsuit filed this month in Puerto Rico alleges that her voice and the phrase she invented are being used without her permission.

A case has been filed that the phrase was used in the song. for you, It has over 355 million views on YouTube and over 235 million streams on Spotify. It was also used in song Two thousand 16, It has over 60 million views on YouTube and 280 million plays on Spotify.

The lawsuit says “A Distinctive Voice” De La Cruz has been used without her permission in songs, recordings, commercials, concerts worldwide, television, radio and social and music platforms.

“Since then, thousands of people have been commenting directly on Carlisle’s social media, as well as in any public place she goes, about the ‘Bad Bunny Baby.’ The foregoing has caused and continues to cause De La Cruz anxiety, distress, intimidation, excess and distress,” the complaint states.

In addition to Bad Bunny, its real name Benito Martinez OcasioA case has been registered Noah Kamil Asad ByronHis manager.

The phrase “Bad Bunny, Baby” originated in 2015

De la Cruz and Martinez They joined in 2011. A year later they began studying at the University of Puerto Rico in the northern port of Arecibo while working at a nearby grocery store. During that time, Martinez continued to create songs and rhythms, consult with De La Cruz, who was responsible for scheduling the parties at which he appeared and managing his accounts and contracts, the suit alleges.

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The origin of the phrase “bad bunny, baby” came in 2015, when Martinez asked de la Cruz to record himself saying it. She recorded it in a bathroom while she was staying with a friend because that was her quietest place, and sent it to Martinez, the suit says.

On January 1, 2016, Martinez asked de la Cruz to marry him, and they planned to do so in July of that year. In April, Rimas Entertainment signed Martinez, and in 2016 De La Cruz was accepted to the University of Puerto Rico to study law. She ended her relationship with Martinez in May of that year.

They got back together in 2017, but broke up again.

In May 2022, a representative from Bad Bunny approached De La Cruz and said they wanted to talk to him.

In a call, the representative mentioned to him: “I know you don’t want to talk about Voldemort (referring to Martinez), but I have to ask you something”The lawsuit says.

presented to him $2,000 to buy his voice recording. De La Cruz turned it down and spoke to someone at Rima’s Entertainment, who offered to buy the record, saying it would be used on the album. Summer without you was about to be released, the suit says.

They never reached an agreement and the song was released without de la Cruz’s permission, according to court documents.

(With information from AP)

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