Bad Bunny confirms he will release new music while in company with his girlfriend Mario Casas

Puerto Rican urban plot Bad rabbit He continues to demonstrate his original way of promoting everything he planned for in his life. This time, through his Instagram account, he confirmed he was working on new music.

Just like last January, when he announced that he was working on a new album and the dates of his new tour “World’s Hottest Tour”, he gave a sequel to his girlfriend, model and jewelry designer’s episode. Gabriela Berlingery And Spanish actor Mario houses They stayed together while the translator of “Yonaguni” and “Kalloida” dedicated himself to composing new music.

The video presents two scenes, one playing “Frisbee” with Mario on the shores of Gabriela Beach, and the other “Bad Rapid” sitting well on a shore in the background of the beach. Then his girlfriend makes a video call to let him know that she misses him and when they see each other again. Similarly, when the 35-year-old actor greets the singer and kisses Gabriella on the cheek, he shows how “good” Casas is. “I’m imagining, imagining,” Pat Bunny replies.

The previous time, the artist appeared sitting at sea, having dinner with his partner and talking about his plans. Gabriel insists she should not be left alone, the artist replied: “I have to work, but I will never leave you alone”. Immediately, Bad Bunny got up and took his place in Casas.

Later, since August, his dates and venues have appeared under the title “Hottest Tour in the World”, with Benito Antonio Martinez Ocazio – the singer’s first name – performing on major stages such as the Yankee Stadium in New York and Fenway. Parks in Boston and Soldiers Field in Chicago.

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On the other hand, far from the myths, the young couple attended the Brooklyn Nets NBA Basketball Game last night where they were caught in the front row.

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