Authorities are searching for miners trapped in the collapse of the Kohuila mine

(CNN Espasol) – Civil Defense of Mexico Confirmed this Saturday Rescue teams have found the body of one of seven workers trapped in a coal mine collapse in the municipality of Mesquite in Kohuila. Mexico. “We extend our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased worker,” the Civil Defense wrote on Twitter, indicating that the government was working tirelessly to search for and rescue the remaining miners.

My fall occurred at 12:50 pm on Friday. Kohuvila Secretary of State Fernando de los Fuentes Hernandez and State Attorney General Gerardo Marquez Guevara are in the facility of a traction mine in the municipality, where 7 workers are trapped.

Coordinating efforts to rescue miners with the support of a special team from the Mimosa Mimosa Division, along with officials from the National Guard, the National Guard, the Single Command, labor inspectors and the Ministry of Civil Defense.

Currently, work is being carried out on the mine’s drainage hydraulic pumps, and negotiations are underway with the National Water Authority to streamline operations to integrate two more teams with higher capacity.

Authorities at the scene of the crash are helping to filter the workplace and find the miners:

1.- Leopoldo “my”.
2.- Damien “my”.
3.- Mauricio “my”.
4.- Humberto “My”.
5.- Gonzalo “My”.
6.- Peter “My”
7.- Francisco “My”.

President Andr மானs Manuel Lபpez of Mexico mentioned the situation of Obrador Kohuila.
He said he had advised qualified companies to go to the area and coordinate rescue efforts with local authorities.

“We want the rescue to be good for families and for everyone,” he wrote on Twitter.

Mexico is located in northeastern Mexico and the main economic activities are livestock and mining.

Omar Fazardo contributed to this report.

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