ATM crisis in Havana: More than 150 broken

Officials at the Banco Metropolitano de La Habana, which has more than a million customers in the Cuban capital, assured Francisco Rodríguez, an official journalist known as “Paquito de Cuba.” Unusable devices.

According to Rodríguez, the director of Banco Metropolitano explained to him in a “letter” the chaotic situation in which his financial institutions are currently. The official explained that more than 150 ATMs were out of service due to “non-availability of spare parts, broken dispenser module and keypad”.

For example, a state media reporter previously complained about what was happening at the ATMs in Kozhimar, and the director himself replied that they had a problem with the keyboards.

“We were able to fix some with the findings of our technicians, and next week we can retrieve a part for this equipment (…) that requires replacement due to their technical obsolescence, which we do not have until now. Immediate response”, was added.

The executive also promised that more than 160 million Cuban pesos are dispensed daily from Banco Metropolitano’s ATMs in the country’s main city. But in recent weeks, extraction has surpassed 200 million daily.

ATMs Crisis in Havana

The official described some “suggestions” that could alleviate the lack of ATMs in Havana to perform operations or withdraw cash. One of these is to increase electronic payments by all agents who offer services or sell goods.

“Customers can use the additional cash service, which is nothing more than business units that can give money to customers, we have more than 1,904 warehouses operated, and they can use the TrasnferMóvil or Enzona option,” he said.

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He recalled that some bank branches work from Monday to Saturday until 7:30 p.m., and that at least one branch per municipality opens on Sundays to strengthen the box.

“Out of the 150 that were broken, we have left a few that only carry out electronic functions and balance investigations, which must have a sticker identifying them, otherwise it could be a technical problem,” he noted.

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