Atlético San Luis Vs. Queretaro (2-0). Goal and half time

Querétaro has a poor performance When it plays Outside La CorregidoraNoOr win from February 16, 2020 And now That streak extended against Atlético de San Luis A 2-0 defeat at Alfonso Lastras Stadium Pride is also controversial Existing roosters A competition Considered a classic by both hobbyists.

Queretaro arrived For this game with advanced spirits After beating Toluka But last week No matter how hard he tried to cover himself before the potocinos And look for surprise by counterattacking, but This strategy did not work for them More than the first half.


St. Louis Athletics Not disappointed He was taking the game little by littleKnowing that on paper they are better than Gallows, this is one of the worst teams in the Championship. They found their reward on 47 minutes.

The goal started with a great goal from Dieter VillalfandoThe former Chivas and Necaxa player took a right-footed shot from outside the area to beat Gil Alcala, who wore the hero’s shirt on several occasions during the first half.

With Annotation The game fell into a spiral, Neither team wants to risk itAnd that’s it Despite the fact that roosters are forced Instead of going forward to find an equaliser, they wanted to lock themselves away from conceding goals and wait for a spark to find an equaliser, but that didn’t happen.

The game heated upThere were some outbursts of anger Knows how to turn it off properly Referee, Cesar RamosHe calmed things down with cards, so the game was over Regulation Where Gallos tried, but without ideas and without footballOnly with pride, it is impossible.

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Already At the time of compensation And the team from Querétaro was presented with a complete counter-attack, alcohol, Scored his first goal in Mexico And help make your team proud.

Why is it called Clásico de la 57?

Match between San Luis and Queretaro A in Liga MX One of the most curious in Mexican football And It is called Clásico de la 57 or from the center.

Number 57 Denotes the federal highway connecting the two citiesAnd in addition to that Crosses one side of two stadiums: Alfonso Lastras and La Correguidora.

The competition dates back to the 1950s. when Both Equipment They were in the second division Since then they have carried their feud across all types of competitions and divisions.

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