Does money bring happiness? This says science

It seems, unlike in the song, that money is not just vanity. According to two investigations conducted by sociologists in the United States, High income can be the key to happiness.

Sociologists Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton of Princeton University and Matthew Killingsworth of the University of Pennsylvania recently published a study showing that people can They have a more consistent sense of happiness if they have a better income.

Even experts have found a golden figure to find happiness. According to the data, the annual income is More than 75 thousand dollars It seems to be the exact amount that keeps people in the best mood.

According to the study, income starting at $75,000 per year has the greatest impact on happiness. Photo: Pexels

In simple terms, this indicates that for most people, Higher income is linked to greater happinessKillingsworth details.

The research team watched the reactions of a group of people, which is first identified as happy or unhappy Hence, it revealed an increase in its economic income.

To track the happiness of the study participants, the scientists used an app that asked them several times throughout the day. How happy they were. Data analysis yielded surprising answers.

In the case of people who have previously felt sad, The feeling of joy happened when they crossed $100,000 of annual income, while others can make do with a little less.

One of the study’s authors, Matthew Killingsworth. Image: University of Pennsylvania

“The exception is people who are financially healthy but unhappy. Of course, If you are rich and miserable, no more money will help you. But for everyone else, more money is associated with greater happiness, to varying degrees.”

Among the practical applications of the study, scientists say, is Tax calculation Or the optimal amount of money that can be contributed as a bonus to make employees feel happier.

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Money is just one of the many determinants of happiness. It’s not the secret to happiness, but it might help a little bit.Killingsworth concluded.

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