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Atletico National beat Guillaume Dorados 1-0 on Monday and were recognized as the sole leader of Liga II-2021. In addition, it is the only remaining undefeated team in the Colombian Championship, and it becomes the leading candidate for the title at the end of the year.

The top eight teams include teams like Envicado, Allianzo Petrolera, Buccaneer or Jaguars, who are called up to surprise, but will not have the weight in their pay to fight for the star.

Among the big teams, Millonarios appears to be a great contender to discuss the star. Dolima in the top eight and can react like America, Jr., Galle or Medellin.

However, from now on, between Atletico National and Millonarios, there will be no fights from here until the end of the championship: face-to-face in the rematch table, which gives Copa Libertadores a place in the Champions League.

With the National victory over the Golden Eagles, Purslane tied 54 points with Albiasul, but the goal appears first in the difference: +30 for the +13 of the Ambassadors.

Heads-up is only visible to these two teams because the closest team without the champion, the junior, is 46 units (9 points).

There are still 13 dates ‘against all’ in addition to the final stages to find out which team will be the best on the schedule of the year. Precisely, on the 20th, the National and Millonarios face each other, the Antiochia team local.

So from now on it will be a fight without error for these two big and traditional teams. What is your favorite?

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