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With nine games played in the championship, National Athletics Adding 25 points, with six advantages per second, the Purslane team will be in theory, with six points ensuring their place in the semi-final homers to play on 11 dates. At the end of the victory over La Ecuador, the coach Alejandro Restrepo He mentioned the performance of his team and the competitor’s request to propose a more competitive match, where certain plays made a difference in favor of his team.

“I share this joy with our fans, thanks to those who came with us in this match, they were able to complete the allowed capacity, which was a huge encouragement to us. Against a competitor, the team is good at showing games wherever they go.With flaws in the scoreboard, they tried to build football and attack, I highlighted the change in the structure of the opponent, they knew how to stay alive in the game, we were able to compete and with the changes we made, we updated the team. , It was a game we both played well, where we performed effectively and had great success, ”Restrepo highlighted.

In addition, “We value a top team, we face a team that has struggled in many competitions with a great coach like Alexis Garcia. I appreciate the national effort to maintain that position. They were strong, we were attentive, we responded well in defense and attack.They are two teams that compete with a lot of quality in Colombian football.

Commenting on Dorlan’s departure to Baban’s full position, the coach explained, “Dorlan (Baban) had a concussion in his knee. We hope he develops, but we hope he will be fine.”

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Analyzing the mistakes made on the pitch, Alejandro said, “We understand that we are trying to implement our starting and progressing zones, but competitors are studying us to prevent that zone. To.

Finally, the strategist commented on the key to such a controversial game. “It was hard to plan, La Ecuador was a group with different structures. They have men with characteristics that are unpredictable. In both bands they put a double winger, in the middle the boys recognized that we could still be one man, and it helped us move forward and that Advantageously, we were able to get the score.

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