Atletico greeted the players, but not Diego Simeone

The German coach, after the clash, went to greet the Atletico players, under the watchful eye of ‘Solo’ from the sidelines.

Jர்கrgen Globe Was slapped on the spine Diego Simeone and his Atletico de Madrid For one and a half years. Kicked him out of this team Champions League, Globe He knew he had to do a revenge act and get rid of the weight of ‘Coliseum’. It was not in the tie, but Liverpool won That Globe of Athletes, Finally, you can be satisfied.

His brush with him Athletes Born at the press conference after being eliminated in the 16th round of the 2019/2020 season, when they were the current champions Champions And they were started for the title Premier. Globe, His team, on many occasions, could not believe their eyes when they fell after two goals Marcos Llorente placeholder image, Did not bite the tongue at the press conference.

“With quality and players, they have to play something else.” Dutton did not believe a group, 100 minutes behind, had conspired John Oblock Already a timely failure Adrian San Miguel According to him, he has dropped the best team on the planet.

Came out very angry that night Globe, That too had to endure the heat for several months, which took time to return to the match and retaliate by throwing the first. Premier In thirty years Red.

But there was still a pin inside him. He had to take revenge against Simeon’s players and the drums looked at him and smiled. They put him on the team stage, without the same emphasis on qualifying rounds, but with a plan and enough to target his rival.

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He received it at Metropolitano and was fortunately expelled Antoine Griezmann And he was not penalized in the final minutes, but he still had the final choice in front of his audience, on the stage where they balanced him.

Anfield I waited Solo And Globe, Who never stopped praising him in the past –“I respect him so much. What he has achieved is incredible.”-, more. This time he made up for it completely. In twenty minutes he got a tactical shake, and in the first leg, he made the band explode. Yannick Carrasco, And took advantage of the expulsion Felipe To close the doors to any reaction.

Globe, who ended the confrontation, went to greet the Atletico players, who, before the band’s solo ”s careful gaze, wore a sinless smile, with great joy. He approached the center of the field and began to admire his fans and went to the dressing room tunnel, where he had to wait a long time, but finally got rid of the thorn of ‘colismo’.

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