The United States has accused China of violating rocket control: “Those operating in space must do so safely and thoughtfully.”

The Long March 5B rocket will depart from Wenchang, China on April 29, 2021 (REUTERS via China Daily)

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin began an evening of criticism of China on Friday Those operating in space have a duty to do so in a “safe and thoughtful manner,” When the world Waiting anxiously for the impact of the runway rocket recently launched by Beijing.

“I think it speaks the truth, For those of us who operate in the space domain, there are requirements [de seguridad], Or need to act safely and thoughtfully ”, Austin told a news conference.

This is essential “Make sure we take those kinds of things into account when we plan and take action.” In space, he added.

The Long March 5B, which was used by China last week to launch one of its future space station blocks into space, has an estimated mass of 17 to 21 tons and is about 30 meters long, making it one of the largest debris to return to the atmosphere, hence its continued awareness.

According to the latest forecasts, The rocket’s debris that could fall to Earth will be 41 at a point parallel to the north and south, Mostly in the Atlantic Ocean, followed by the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

No downgrade plans

The United States does not “For now” China Long plans to fire the March 5B rocket, It travels at an unrestricted speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour and is scheduled to enter the atmosphere from Sunday night to Sunday, Austin said during the same news conference.

In the picture, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (EFE / Michael Reynolds / Archive)
In the picture, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (EFE / Michael Reynolds / Archive)

“Currently, we have no plans to shoot the rocket. We believe it will cause harm in a place that is not harmful to anyone, such as the sea or any other similar place.The Pentagon chief told a news conference.

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With the latest forecast of rocket entry into the atmosphere at 23:59 GMT on Saturday, plus or minus 7 hours 45 minutes with a margin of error, very accurate estimates can only be made a few hours before re-entry. …

When asked if the United States has the technical capability to shoot down a rocket if necessary, Austin responded that they have the ability to “do a lot of things”, but stressed that there are currently no plans for the rocket.

Although Austin did not go into details, The United States currently has an ICBM security system, They are very similar in capability and technology to space rockets like the Long March 5B. About it GMD (ground-based midcourse security), Developed by the space company Boeing.

GMD is complex and expensive The ballistic missile system is designed to intercept other ballistic missiles while in space, i.e. between its launch pads and its target. According to public information provided by Boeing, the United States currently has 44 launchers in the states of Alaska and California, and numerous radars and command and control stations for direct operations.

However, it is not easy to successfully intercept a missile traveling at 17,000 miles per hour by moving a projectile at a similar speed. The success rate taken from the tests carried out is currently 56%, although it is believed that launching at least four interceptor missiles simultaneously will rise to 97%. Economist.

With information from EFE and AFP

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