At least 15 miners have been killed in a gold mine collapse in Colombia

Colombian officials are investigating the fate of 15 miners who collapsed in a gold mine in the Caldas Department (center) Nira municipality, official sources said yesterday.

Juan Miguel Duran, director of the National Mining Organization (ANM), promised to implement an emergency treatment protocol for the accident, which occurred at an underground mine, where “an estimated 15 miners are missing.”

“A mining rescue team from the National Mining Agency traveled to the area,” the official added on Twitter.

The Ministry of Environment of Caldas explained that the landslide occurred in the village (village) El Bos.

“According to preliminary information from the authorities, the miners may be trapped in the area. A team of firefighters is traveling to the emergency area,” the company said on its social media network.

Emergency, EFF comprehensive regional officials, firefighters from the neighboring city of Irra in Risaralda are attending, which is closer to the crash site than Nira’s municipal seat.

Similarly, relief agencies, military, police and officials from the mayor’s office in Neira, a coffee-growing municipality located in the Colombian Central Highlands, travel to the area.

Because it is located very close to the Gaga River, the second largest river in Colombia, rescuers will carry motorized pumps to the area to draw water from the submerged mine.

On February 20, in the Department of Antigua (Northwest), another accident at a mine in the municipality of Puritik killed three people and injured two others.

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