The new iPhone 13 is leaking about its design and materials

The known information will accumulate a good percentage of success in its forecasts and thanks to the filter Max Weinfeinz reappearing on the YouTube channel. EveryThingApplePro Publish this information.

New 2021 iPhone ‘Pro’ Colors

In all the rumors, leaks and other information given about the iPhone this year, it is said over and over again that we will see four iPhones in sizes similar to the iPhone 12 known a few months ago. . ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro Max’ are mentioned by Weinfingch in its latest report because he describes features like their color.

With each ‘Pro’ generation, Apple has been adding new colors for years. In 2019 it was night green, in 2020 it was calm blue and in this 2021 it looks like we will see a color Orange It has not yet been released in the range. He also confirmed another color that has already been rumored: color Matte black It will replace the current graphite, but it’s not new if you remember that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus already came with this type of color.

While it does not comment on the rest of the colors in this range, we can speculate that silver and gold will continue to do so since the introduction of the iPhone XS. There are more doubts about the ‘normal’ iPhone (13 and 13 mini), which again have bright colors, but not knowing what they will be other than the usual white, black and red product (RED).

Say goodbye to the marked footprints

In recent months we have been able to see how Apple has accelerated the development of anti-fingerprint products for its iPhone, one of the most notable of the registered patents. Weinbach has confirmed that the pages of the current iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will come with the iPhone ‘Pro’ pages this year with enhanced steel to prevent fingerprints and stains that give many headaches.

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About the rear camera module

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro represented a change in rear design on the iPhone by incorporating a new camera module, in which the lenses were covered in the same color as the protagonists and the background phone. These are expected to be fully preserved by 2021, this time being darker in color, thus obscuring the shape of the lenses. The leaker also commented on this feature.

Feedback Camera iPhone 13

He says this new module will not be completely flat in its design because he believes that the lens will protrude from the main body and, due to its existing shape, the width of the camera system will be reduced. The width of the body of the phone will remain the same. In another section he also talked about Apple’s advanced camera system, which can be used to make image stabilization corrections in real time.

All of these inventions are included with others known by the same researcher weeks ago, while other inventions include an astronomical photo camera, the possibility of creating videos in portrait mode, and the reinforced Maxoff, which ensures greater resistance to the iPhone, he said. There is no other way but to wait for the official presentation to find out to what extent this information ends up being known, but since other analysts have commented on this matter it is known that it does not seem to go very far from what already exists.

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