Astronaut sends message to Earth after 371 days in space

Editorial (AFP).- Salvador Astronaut Frank Rubio broke the record for the longest trip into orbit. to usSpend more than 355 days on the International Space Station (ISS).

“In some ways, it’s been an incredible challenge. But in other ways, it’s been an incredible blessing,” Rubio announced Wednesday during a live broadcast from the ISS with NASA.

After breaking the record on Monday, Rubio said he now hopes to reach 365 days. “I think this will be a good milestone for our nation,” he said.

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The son of Salvadoran parents, Rubio was born in Los Angeles, California, and lived his early years in El Salvador. He is a doctor by training and a pilot Helicopter.

The previous American record was 355 days in space by Mark Vande in 2022. Russian cosmonaut Valery Polyakov holds a world record of 437 days.

Rubio is scheduled to return to Earth on September 27. By then he would have spent 371 days in space.

A spill is not allowed to return

When Rubio traveled to the ISS last year with two astronauts on a Russian Soyuz rocket, the plan was for him to stay for six months, the typical duration of the mission. task.

As per standard procedure, the rocket is attached to the ISS as an emergency escape vessel, if needed, and should bring the three passengers home in December. But it was leaked by a small meteorite impact.

So the Russian space agency Roscosmos returned the rocket home and sent another without a crew on board.

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Rubio and his two companions were initially tasked with crewing the ISS. Rocket And replace them.

The American record for days in space is former astronaut Peggy Whitson, who held 675 days during various missions.

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