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Veracruz, Ver.- With school materials that are no longer useful and that are donated to the Recycle and Help Association, could continue supporting the population most affected by this Covid-19 pandemic.

According to its director Mariana Latapí García Civil society can donate its books and notebooks that have already been used to transform them into aid to people who are going through a very difficult situation these days due to unemployment or illness.

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He explained that after an agreement with Andamar A collection center will be set up every Wednesday in this shopping center with schedules from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. so that the population takes all the materials that are no longer useful at home.

“We made an agreement with Andamar that gave us the opportunity to set up a collection center, people can take their books and liberties every Wednesday from 9 in the morning that they have already used in this school year so that we can receive them”, He said.

He stressed that this campaign is expected to collect two tons of recycling that will be used for the purchase of pantries.

Office stationery, cardboard and other materials that can represent income are also received.

It should be noted that the Recycle and Help Association has carried out various recycling campaigns, donating resources for a specific cause; however, due to the pandemic, all kinds of massive events had to be canceled and now they receive support in addition to the center of storage of Andamar, in its facilities located in Calle de los Reyes Católicos in Boca del Río.

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The association collects 37 materials from paper, cardboard, pet, vegetable oil, alkaline batteries, button batteries, CDs, electrical appliances, electronic material, tin cans and aluminum, coffee capsules without it resided, among others.

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