Ask for a miracle! Alejandro Fernandez reveals Vicente Fernandez’s critical health condition | Video

In the second presentation of his concert at the National Auditorium, the singer Alejandro Fernandez He released details about his father’s health. Vicente Fernandez.

It has been revealed that the 81-year-old Mexican singer’s health has deteriorated due to kidney failure and one of his lungs has collapsed. “Baby” Commented;

“I know that love and affection are medical in nature and I want to send a strong applause, but very strong, Mr. To Vincent Fernandez, we need your prayers and your good vibes a lot, thank you. Thank you to everyone who is grieving, family, friends, fans, for writing, for giving, for the good vibes, and for wishing my father a speedy recovery ”.

Almost the whole family went to the hospital where Dan Vicente was. Photo: Mexico Agency

His son Gerardo Fernandez promises that Vicente Fernandez is “already very tired”.

Alejandro Fernandez asks for a miracle

The translator then admitted that they were taking care of the matter and added that they were at a very difficult and important moment;

“We believe a lot, because we are very confident in Guadeloupe and God, and we believe we can do a great miracle, only if everyone makes a big effort together, a big round of applause! Thank you very much.”

Vicente Fernandez Jr.. Farewell

Meanwhile, the eldest son “El Charro de Huntidon”, Vicente Fernández Jr., used his official instagram account to share a photo of himself and his father appearing under the following message; “I love you dad @_vicentefdez.”

Not both yet ஆள்குடி Fernandez There are no attending physicians Don Vicente Fernandez The medical report is presented to explain the real health of the Mexican singer.

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Vicente Fernández is in critical condition; Relatives go to the hospital, to say goodbye?

Vicente Fernández: What is the health of “Charro de Huentitán” today, December 10th?

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