Ashley Carino: “There are some mixed feelings”

A chapter with new goals appears in Ashley Ann Carino Barretto’s life book as she countdowns to being crowned Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2022.

Traveling to see new tourist destinations, spending more time with family, resuming university studies and preparing to engage in various recreational activities are some of the goals she has outlined for her new curriculum.

From his reign he takes away greater self-esteem, gratitude and the conviction that dreaming is worth it, he promises. “Now that the delivery of the crown is approaching, there are definitely a few mixed feelings. Happy and a little sad at the same time as it has been a year of many unforgettable experiences. But as I always say, when one chapter ends, another one begins with many new opportunities,” said the 5′ and 11″ tall beauty with a smile, who managed to stand out among the five finalists of the international pageant. January..

“She’s an Ashley now, she’s had life experiences that she didn’t have, and Ashley’s evolved and realized what she’s capable of, so I’m really excited about what’s to come.”

One of the aspects taken up was making a difference to what is expected from a MUPR representative. “To me it’s got a queen, maybe not conventional. At first a lot of people thought she was too reserved or too quiet because she was outgoing. Beauty queens come anyway, introverts, extroverts, they like science, or they don’t like science, she doesn’t dance. , she dances…” She pondered and recalled what she considered a great achievement, introducing her to the idea that she met with criticism about his personality.

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“For a long time, I loved science. She was very reserved, very quiet, many people say ‘shy’. When I started as Miss Universe Puerto Rico, as a candidate, they criticized me a lot because people didn’t see me as a model of a beauty queen.

On August 24, Louis A. in Sanders. Ferre advises the new sovereign, who will receive her crown at the final exhibition at the Fine Arts Center, to enjoy every step of the experience rather than focusing on bringing home a sixth crown.

“She believes in her, she doesn’t lose herself in the title of Miss Universe Puerto Rico, because I believe that with the pressure that a person feels, with people’s expectations, that fear or maybe it’s easy. One loses herself in your personality. She is always grateful for how much she has achieved, she She continues to be.” By the way, he praised the performance of the 30 candidates for the new crown, who will parade in the show airing on Waba TV at 8:00 pm after the preview at 7:00 pm.

“I’m very happy that we have candidates. There are so many girls who could be Miss Universe and so many candidates, I’d say this year is a stronger year than we’ve seen,” said Ashley, who has experienced a reign of change since the end of the Miss Universe organization. Allow married or married candidates and women and pregnant women with children to participate.

“I have always said that the changes that are seen in beauty pageants are the changes that happen in society,” he analyzed, adding, “Giving her that opportunity means we realize that this is not a limit to what can be accomplished. Be representatives of their dreams or a country.

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Continuing his studies in aerospace engineering takes priority on his new agenda. “I’ve always said that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and engineering is what motivated me to be at Miss Universe Puerto Rico,” said the beauty queen, who holds a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology. University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. In turn, she shared the observation that the public not only associates herself with a beauty degree, but is “fascinated by space, has worked with kids for years and STEM,” and is “definitely me.” Keep working”.

He envisions the possibility of moving to Florida, where his family lives, in September. “I’m thinking about returning to America when I hand over the crown, maybe next month, but I’ll come and go,” he clarified. “I have all my family, my dad and my mom, my grandparents,” he said with some nostalgia, and talked about the family business, a coffee shop he founded in 2020 in Kissimmee, Florida, and his experience serving customers.

“My family always has my support. Carino’s Cafe, for me, I also started to love coffee, it fascinated me, and not only that, what is it to be an entrepreneur, to have your own business”, he affirmed after revealing his ready skills to Primera Hora. Decorate a variety of cups with late art at Banchi Cafe in Hato Ray. “Even though I don’t necessarily see myself working there fully, I want to expand what Carino’s Cafe is,” Cappuccino and Latte Valentine said.

Their projects include entertainment sector. “I got a chance to be inside Long live the afternoon (Waba TV) Many times entertaining, I liked it. I also went to Mexico where I took acting classes and I loved it too. I want to see what opportunities there are in the world of media because it interests me and I see that I have talent, at least that’s what they told me. There”.

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Cultural exchange is one of the most cherished experiences when visiting a country. “I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, I didn’t get the chance because I was in intense preparations for Miss Universe, and now that I have more time, I think it’s one of the things I want to continue to do.”

Motivation will continue in his interests, as will his Hidden Dreams initiative, which aims to give talks to middle and high school students.

“It’s something I want to continue. From the beginning, I started in Florida, where I talked about maybe we have a hidden dream, and for some reason, society thinks we can’t do it, or people tell us we don’t have the skills. To achieve it, we stop ourselves from pursuing that dream,” He observed that. “It’s a program I’m really passionate about and I think it gives a lot to boys and girls because it’s a really powerful message and I want to continue it after my tenure.”

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