As the incidence of Govit-19 increases, food and beverage companies should reduce their effectiveness to 50%.

Companies that remove their masks for people to eat or drink will, as of December 30, reduce their efficiency by 50% at home and 75% abroad.

This was announced by the Governor on Monday Pedro Pierre Lucy By signing the new executive order after the increase in positive cases COVID-19 Recorded in the last few weeks in the country.

Control includes: Fast foodsAll food and beverage, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Stems, Bars, pubs and taverns Game Look, Movie Theaters, Community Centers, Places of Action, Coliseums, Movie Theaters and Beverages or Other Restaurants.

On the other hand, the President allowed massive events to continue and operate with the same capacity: if it were in closed spaces such as theaters, amphitheaters, theaters, collegiums and convention centers – it should be reduced to 50%. And 75% in open spaces.

Pierre Lucie assured that the move was taken in a “fair balance” between the risks to health, public safety and the economy.

“The measures taken in this executive order are the same as those implemented in the different seasons when there was an increase in epidemics, and they were certainly effective.”The governor told reporters in writing.

The new law arises when the positive rate nationally is 22.16%. According to preliminary data from the Department of Health.

In addition, the archipelago’s health agency confirmed 27 new cases this morning Omigron variant In Puerto Rico, a total of 31 were announced, including four.

The number of hospital admissions for COVID-19 has increased to 183, 44 of them children, according to a daily government report updated at noon.

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Twelve of the 139-year-old patients were in the intensive care unit (ICU). Nine of them are attached to an artificial respirator. A pediatric patient is in intensive care.

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